Whether you call it document generation, document automation, document assembly, or document creation, we specialize in it!
With TextPlan you can exploit your valuable document templates online, in your own website. Since it works online in your website, the data entry for your templates can be done by clients or prospects themselves.
TextPlan is ideal to generate any type of document swift and error-free. TextPlan is often used for legal document generation and complicated document assembly.
To create easy-to-use forms that are 'fool proof' TextPlan offers a powerful form configurator so you can optimize the automation and validation of the data entry.
TextPlan offers various integration options for a smooth link to your processes and business model. You are always in control of how and when clients can use your templates or access the generated documents.
For more information, drop us an email at info@textplan.com or call us at +31 (0)20 - 408 5151.

Live Demo

It is very easy to integrate TextPlan forms in your own website.
Click any of the buttons below for an impression of what an integrated TextPlan form looks like.
These are live demos to try out how TextPlan works and how it could look in your own website.
Try it, see it, believe it.

Advanced integration options



Integrate TextPlan in your own website. By loading a TextPlan input form your costumers won’t even notice they are actually using TextPlan.


You can configure when and how to process to generated document and the entered input data. Keep control over a generated document. Use email or a webservice for integration with your own process and your current systems.


TextPlan doesn’t interfere with your business processes. Whether you give free access, have subscription-based costumers or get payed per document, TextPlan takes care of the document generation and leaves your business to yourself.

Source code license

For ultimate control, e.g. when TextPlan must be hosted in your home country, on premisse or if you want to add extra functionality, we offer to option to puschase the complete sources of TextPlan.

Advanced configuration options


Automatic input form creation

TextPlan uses your document template, e.g. in Microsoft Word format, as the basis for an automatically created input form. There are many options to tweak this input form to your liking.

Optional text

Switch text on and off depending on values of input fields or let the user decide whether a to include a text part.


Calculate the value of a data field using the value of other fields. You can use the operators multiply, divide, plus and minus in your formulas, combined with OR and AND statements.

Input type validation

Constrain the type of input of form fields to e.g. number, date or list of choices, and add extra constraints like minimum, maximum or your own regular expression.
Add your own help text to a form field. Add a link to your help text to provide extra information.


Our clients come from all over the world. We asked a few clients for a testimonial so you get an impression of the possibilities of the software and about our company. We like to thank all these clients for this great contribution.

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